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Our company


is one of the largest manufacturers of preparations for animal protection in Ukraine.



- the company conducts research works and on the basis of their results creates chemotherapeutic veterinary drugs of different groups , namely, antiparasitic, antimicrobial , vitamin-mineral ones, disinfectants , as well as the preparations for breeding herds , anesthesia, relaxation , etc.;

- except the pharmaceutical drugs of own production the company sells products of other domestic and foreign companies with which it has a partnership;

- specialists of veterinary laboratories, clinics and specialized farms are being systematically trained to teach the latest diagnostic techniques and the characteristics of the application of modern chemotherapeutic agents;

- the company strongly supports young scientists who study veterinary science. Based on joint projects the defense of 15 doctoral and more than 30 candidate theses were held;

- the company invests significant means in publishing activities, and as a result, more than 36 books and teaching aids, as well as about 100 methodical recommendations on veterinary medicine has been published for the last years. 



- an experienced team of professionals;

- openness and transparency of business;

- certification of products in the quality management system ISO 9001-2015;

- manufacturing application of inventive scientific research;

- powerful modern scientific and certified control laboratory;

- use of high-quality ingredients;

- stable pricing policy, flexible system of discounts and competitive prices;

- complex protection against adulteration and high brand recognition “Brovafarma";

- registration of the most part of manufactured products in 17 countries of the world.