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oral solution



Transparent, colorless or light pink liquid.


1 l of the feed additive contains: propylene glycol - 780 ml, methionine - 15 g, choline chloride - 15 g, nicotinamide - 15 g, cyanocobalamin - 0,001 g, calcium pantothenate - 0.3 g, zinc - 3 g, selenium - 0.03 g, cobalt - 0.015 g.



It is indicated for the treatment of pregnant and lactating cows in case of subclinical and clinical ketosis, prevention of cows before and after calving in order to increase productivity and normalize metabolism.


Administration and dosage:

The drug is administered individually with fodder or water or undiluted using drencher or probe in the following doses:

• stimulation of metabolism in pregnant cows and ensuring the normal course of the postpartum period - 300-400 ml per animal, the course - 2-3 days before calving and 2 days after calving;

• prevention and treatment of subclinical and clinical ketosis, preferably at 2-6 week of lactation, depending on the degree of metabolic disorders - 300-400 ml per animal, the course - 4-5 days.

For group administration, the calculated amount of feed additive is divided into two stages and is given with 3-5 kg of silage or other desirable juicy green fodder.

During the first weeks of lactation it is necessary to limit the feeding of ketogenic fodders.



Do not administer to cows with hypersensitivity to the active ingredients of the feed additive.



In case of large overdose in animals the decreased appetite, decrease of water consumption, gastrointestinal disorder may be observed.



Polymeric vials of 2 liters, polymeric cans of 20 liters.



Store in dry, dark place at the temperature from 5 °C to 25 °C.

After opening of vial the drug must be used within 30 days, the feed additive solution in water – within 48 hours.


Shelf life:

2 years.