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For 25 years BROVAPHARMA company is the leader among manufacturers of veterinary medicinal products in Ukraine.



Today company’s portfolio includes more than 140 medicines for veterinary use:

• Antimicrobials

• Antiparasitics

• Vitamins and minerals

• Disinfectants

• Anaesthetics and anti-inflammatory medicines

• Products for reproductive system and for udder treatment


High quality of the products and development innovations are achieved by active scientific activity. Candidates and Doctor of Sciences work at the company, textbooks and teaching guides are published, innovative developments are patented (40 patents). BROVAPHARMA constantly cooperates with leading Ukrainian and foreign scientific institutions. As a result of joint research, about 70 theses were prepared and defended, more than 700 scientific works were published. Most of these researches were conducted with the participation of the founder of the company Andrii Berezovskyi.


Brovapharma is continuously developing, growing and improving production processes.


Successful completion of modernization of the company, aimed at the implementation of good manufacturing practices (GMP), became a major breakthrough of the company:


  • • Designed and equipped with innovative equipment, a new production building with a total area of 3000 square meters, includes a warehouse for production of liquid dosage forms.

Therewith, with the help of modern pharmaceutical technologies Bottelpack — BROVAPHARMA along with the world's leading manufacturers uses innovative packaging — polyethylene ampoules and vials, to ensure the highest quality, efficiency and safety of medicines.


  • • At the beginning of this jubilee year, the company launched a new warehouse for production of soft and solid dosage forms. In particular, the manufacturing of powdered products in plastic packaging, multilayered packages "triplex", tablets in blister packs, as well as gels, ointments and emulsions in tubes and syringe-dispensers. The operation areas are equipped with modern technological equipment that provides a full production cycle: preparation, compounding, mixing and packing of veterinary medicines.


  • • Another innovation of the company is manufacturing of veterinary products in mono- doses by using compact, high-performance equipment, which also provides a complete closed cycle: production of packaging, bottling, dosing of products and formation of packages.


  • • Completion of another warehouse of finished products, as well as launch of a new scientific-research and control laboratory — are in the near-term plans.


Thanks to this, the company regularly expands the products range and improves quality of veterinary medicinal products:


  • • Traditionally, leading in production of medicines for productive animals, BROVAPHARMA has created a range of products for pets and bee-keeping.


  • • Among the company's last novelties are — low-toxic insecticacaricide Cyflur, hepatoprotective product Carsylin, multi-component disinfectant DezSan, eye-and-ear drops Cyflodex, feed additive Normotel.


  • • As before, special attention is paid to developments that ensure the safety of livestock products. In particular, there are vitamin complexes (CEDA-vit, DAE-vit, Fos-Bevit), veterinary medicinal products that are not excreted with milk (anthelmintic Trematozol, antibiotic Ceftioclin), water-soluble anthelmintics (Kombitrem emulsion, Trematozol emulsion, Rafenzol emulsion and Brovermectin 2%) and environmentally friendly disinfectants (BROVADEZ-PLUS).


  • • Recently, BROVAPHARMA is also focusing on products for organic livestock, for example there are products containing only chelate compounds (Microstimulin) or natural components (Apihealth, Fitosept, Nizhnodiy, Uzatimol).


Modernization of the production and expansion of the range of the products allow us to increase sales volumes.


The growth of sales in Ukraine is ensured by a reliable network of distributors based on long-term partnerships.


The export turnover is also growing steadily. Today BROVAPHARMA’s products are well known to not only veterinarians of near abroad countries. More than a third of the products are already exported to 18 countries of the world (исправить титр Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Moldova, Russia, Tadjikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan + добавить флажки UAE, Singapore, Serbia, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman). In some other countries the registration procedures are almost accomplished. (+ добавить флажки Algeria, Egypt, Vietnam, Morocco, Cameroon).


Currently, the growth of exports and capturing of new markets are the key task of the company.


Increasing the volume and range of veterinary products produced in accordance with European standards, BROVAPHARMA confidently looks to the future, remaining the best among the leaders!


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