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solution 0.1% for injection



1 ml contains:

medetomidine hydrochloride — 1 mg



Colorless clear liquid.


Pharmacological properties

Medetomidine — a high-selective adrenergic alpha-2 receptors antagonist with broad spectrum activity. It has strong central and peripheral sympatholytic action — it reduces release of noradrenaline from sympathetic nerve terminals. Sedative effect is caused by the inhibition of excitation of the blue spot, the main noradrenergic nucleus in the brain stem. Acting on this site medetomidine shows a sedative effect, the strength of which depends on the dose: small doses give a moderate sedative effect without analgesia, large ones — a pronounced sedative effect with analgesia.

Medetomidine causes typical hemodynamic changes mediated by alpha-2-adrenergic receptors, such as bradycardia and arterial hypotension or hypertension. In small doses reduces the frequency of heartbeats and blood pressure, and in large gives a vasoconstrictor effect. During a slow infusion reduces the heart rate and blood pressure, and with rapid administration activates extra-synaptic alpha-2-adrenoreceptors of peripheral vessels, resulting in predominant peripheral vasoconstrictor effects, and bradycardia becomes more pronounced.

After intramuscular injection medotomodine is quickly absorbed and distributed in the body, the maximum concentration in the blood is reached after 15-30 minutes. With proteins of blood plasma, 85-90% of medetomidine is bound. Oxidized in the liver, a small part is methylated in the kidneys. Most metabolites are excreted with urine. Half-life is 1-2 hours.


Indications for use

The product is used:

• dogs — for sedation and analgesia during checkup, diagnostic and prophylactic procedures, for premedication before the general anaesthesia, narcosis with propofol or ketamine, as a sedative and pain reliever (in combination with butorphanol);

• cats — for sedation, general anaesthesia induction during operative treatment (in combination with ketamine), sedation and analgesia (in combination with butorphanol), general anaesthesia (in combination with butorphanol and ketamine);

• sporting horses — for sedation and analgesia during checkup, small operative interference and diagnostic procedures, premedication during injectional or inhalation narcosis.



Do not use in animals with increased sensibility to active ingredients of the product, with cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, liver and kidney disorders, animals in shock condition, pregnant, milking, weak and emaciated animals.

Do not administer the product along with sympathomimetic amines and anticholinergic agents.

Do not use in puppies up to 12 weeks old and to productive animals.


Route of administration and dosage

The medicinal product is used intravenously, intramuscularly or subcutaneously in dogs, intramuscularly or subcutaneously in cats, intravenously in horses. There is a faster effect after intravenous injection. For prolonging of a sedative effect the product is to be injected second time in 10-15 min after the first injection. The dosage is indicated in the table below:



Route of administration

Purpose of administration

Dose, ml / 10 kg of body weight


i/v, i/m, s/c

light sedation


mild and deep sedation





i/m, s/c

mild sedation


deep sedation






light sedation


mild and deep sedation



The dose is chosen depending on desired effect, individual details and the animal breed. The dose for small dogs should be bigger than for large breed dogs.

Maximum effect is reached in 10-15 min and lasts 0.5-1.5 hours, if prolongation is needed, an incremental dose is administered.

It is recommended to keep an animal without feeding 12 hours prior the anaesthesia.

For premedication the medicinal product is administrated intravenously 10 min prior the procedure, intramuscularly — 20 min. Intravenuos injection should be carried out slowly during 30-45 sec.

Overdose leads to delayed post-anesthetic recovery.

In order to eliminate cardio-respiratory effects and overdose, administration of alpha-2 antagonists (atipamezole, antisedan) is recommended.

In case of slow awakening, symptomatic therapy is performed.



After the administration of the medicinal product, the heart rate may decrease and blockade or bradypnoea with temporary apnea may occur. Also, the respiratory rate may decrease and a cardiac arrest may occur. With suppression of blood circulation and breathing, ventilation and oxygenation should be performed.

Immediately after the administration the arterial pressure may decrease, and then it is restored to almost normal values. The pressure can also decrease with the use of the drug in high doses and by rapid administration.

The product may cause vomiting, especially in cats, in a few minutes after the administration and after awakening from anesthesia.

In some cases, hyperglycemia may develop due to suppression of insulin secretion, and sometimes — pulmonary edema.

After 1.5-2 hours after using the drug, urination is recorded. You can observe the trembling of muscles and increased sensitivity to loud sounds.

In dogs with a body weight less than 10 kg, side effects occur more often. In horses after the administration of the drug a fleeting arrhythmia, violation of coordination of movements, increased sweating may occur. Sometimes there is a slight tremor of individual muscles or muscle groups and uncontrolled urination. Blood pressure first increaes slightly, but later comes back to normal.

Before administration of the product, clinical examination of animals should be perfomed, and the percription should be done carefully for animal with the liver and kidneys diseases, cardiovascular system disorders, unsatisfactory general condition, as well as for young and old animals.

Before administration and for 12 hours after finishing of the procedure, the animal must be kept in a warm, restful place. The procedures are carried out 10-30 minutes after the administration and only after sedation has come.

When used with other sedatives or analgesics (thiopental, halothane, propofol, etc.), their dose is reduced by 50-90%.

Do not feed and water animals after applying the drug, until the swallowing reflexes are fully restored.

Wear rubber gloves when working with the drug. If the product gets on the skin, wash immediately with running water.

If you accidentally administered the drug, immediately consult a doctor (do not drive the car!) and show him a leaflet to the drug.



Glass vials of 10, 20 ml (1 in a cardboard box).



Store in a dry dark place, out of children reach, at a temperature from +8 °С to +25 °С.

After the first opening the vial should be stored in a fridge and used during the next 30 days.


Shelf life

2 years.