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Choice of preparations by animal species

Ektosan powder

Suitable for:

horse cow goat sheep pig dog cat rabbit

chicken duck goose

Ektosan powder

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powder for external use



1 gcontains:

alfacypermethrin — 5 mg


sulphur colloid



Finely dispersed powder of grey colour with a light characteristic odor.


Pharmacological properties

Contact combined insecticide affects the peripheral nervous system of insects and ticks at all phases of their development (larva, imago).

It belongs to the third class of toxicity, it is moderately toxic for warm-blooded animals and poultry, but it is toxic to fish and bees.



It is indicated for cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, rabbits, dogs, cats, poultry (chickens, geese, ducks) affected by flies (gadfly, mosquitoes, gnat and others), wing louses Мenoponidae, bird-lice Philopteridae, louses Trichodectidae, louses Наеmatopinidae, Holopeuridae, Linognathidae, keds Hyppoboscidae, flies Muscidae, fleas Siphonaptera, bugs, coackroaches, tickes Argasidae, Dermanyssidae, Ixodidae, larva of bomb fly Hipoderma bovis, H. Lineatum, sheep botfly Oestrus ovis, larva and mature blowfly Alphitobius diaperinus.

Also, for disinfection of livestock buildings, cages etc.



Do not treat lactating females and young birds at the age up to 10 weeks.


Administration and dosage

For the therapeutic purpose the powder is mainly used by method of individual powdering of animals at the rate of 100-200 g — for large animals and 20-50 g — for small animals. The drug is applied with a thin layer on skin and hair from head to tail root, as well as on the dewlap and internal body areas. During the process of its application, it is necessary to use a brush for rubbing powder into the skin (against the wool).

Depending on the dominant pathogen of existing parasites, re-treatment of animals should be conducted in 7-14 days.

For prevention purpose the powder is applied to animals in a dose of 1.5-2 times less than therapeutic one. For sustainable repellent effect such kind of treatment should be repeated every 3-4 days for the entire period of the threat.

The processing of poultry houses in presence of birds is carried out by aerosol generator of cold mist type. For single-stage birdcage placement the preparation is used at a ratio of 10 grams per square meter of the room and add 10% for each additional tier.

For individual treatment the preparation at a rate of 5-7 g per head is applied around the areas of falling feathers, near the cloaca and under the wings.

If prophylaxis is carried out in protected from rainfall areas, the bathing mixture can be prepared: dry sand or chalk — 4 kg, vegetable ash — 1 kg, Ektosan-powder — 100 g.



All works with the drug must be conducted by using overalls (gowns, aprons, headgear, rubber gloves). When working with aerosol generators: goggles, respirator). It is necessary to wash hands with the soap and water carefully.



Polymer vials with sprayer of 35, 60 g, or polymer packages of 1 kg.



Store in a dry dark, well-ventilated place, out of reach of children at the temperature from 20 °C to +25 °C.


Shelf life

2 years.