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solution for oral administration, feed additive



1 ml contains (in a chelate in the form of succinate ±5%):

cobalt — 0.4 mg

zinc — 0.8 mg

germanium — 0.08 mg



Liquid of yellowish color, transparent


Pharmacological properties

Combined mineral feed additive, contains essential elements — cobalt, zink and germanium in a chelate form of succinates, which are high-bioavailable.

Cobalt increases egg production of mother bee — up to 19% above the norm of usual brood, the number of bees is also increased up to 30% and their vital functions are activated.

Thanks to cobalt ions in organic, bioavailable form, the drug stimulates the reproductive function of mother bee and bees performance. Thus, the optimal development of bee colonies is accelerated and their productivity is increased.

Zinc is involved in the metabolism of nucleic acids and protein synthesis. Being associated with the action of enzymes, hormones and vitamins in part, it greatly affects the basic life processes: reproduction, growth and development of the body, carbohydrate and energy metabolism.

Germanium promotes excretion of toxins and eliminates the negative impact of environmental factors. Germanium has a wide range of biological effects, prevents aging and death of cells. This element plays an important role in the formation of resistance in the body and is able to recover and prophylaxis wide range of diseases.



It is used in the spring for weak and medium strength of bee colonies in order to optimize and accelerate their development to the period of honey yield. During the first half of summer it is used for highly developed bee families to create layering. During the second half of summer it is fed to maintain egg production of mother bee and strength of bee colonies.





Administration and dosage

Shake a vial and prepare a mixture as follows: dissolve 5.0 ml of the drug to 1.0 l of warm (+30-35 °C) sugar syrup (sugar-water in the ratio 1:1) and mix thoroughly. The mixture is administered at a dose of 500 ml of syrup per one bee family 3-5 times with the intervals of 3-5 days.



Do not exceed recommended doses. Control dosages to avoid hypervitaminosis, when use simultaneously with other feed supplements.

The solution may contain sediment.



Glass and polymer vials of 10, 50, 100, plastic containers with dispenser of 500, 1000 ml.



In a dry place at the temperature from +5 °C to +30 °C.


Shelf life

2 years.