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Choice of preparations by animal species

  1. horse
  2. cow
  3. goat
  4. sheep
  5. pig
  6. dog
  7. cat
  8. rabbit
  9. fur-bearing animals
  10. turkey
  11. chicken
  12. duck
  13. goose
  14. dove


Suitable for:

horse cow goat sheep pig dog cat rabbit fur-bearing animals turkey chicken duck goose


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solution for oral administration, feed additive



1 ml of the feed additive contains the active ingredients in the form of citrate chelate:

iron — 1.5 mg

iodine — 0.015 mg

cobalt — 0.01 mg

magnesium — 2 mg

manganese — 1.5 mg

copper — 0.3 mg

molybdenum — 0.0005 mg

selenium — 0.003 mg

chromium — 0.0005 mg

zinc — 1 mg



Liquid of yellow-green color, transparent.


Pharmacological properties

Combined mineral feed additive contains essential elements — iron, iodine, cobalt, magnesium, manganese, copper, molybdenum, selenium, chromium, zinc, in chelated form of citrates, which have a high degree of bioavailability.

Microelements additives participate in oxidation-reduction reactions, affect the activity of enzymes, promote the induction of gamma-interferons, activate cellular respiration, normalize metabolism, increase nonspecific resistance and adaptogenicity of the animal organism, positively influence the productivity, reproduction and safety of animals.



Microstimulin is administered to animals and poultry in periods of increased demand for essential elements, especially in stressful situations and keeping under adverse conditions, in case of decrease in productivity, the intensity of growth and development, changing the composition of the feed; to stimulate metabolism, increase non-specific resistance, strengthening the immune system, nonspecific prevention of bacterial and viral diseases, for enhancing immune responses in diseases of different etiologies, enhance the immune response to the vaccine; after long-term use of antibiotics, protecting the body from poisoning and adaptation to adverse environmental conditions.





Administration and dosage

The product is administered orally with water or feed, course of 3-5 days.

The doses are indicated in the table:


Animal species



With water or food, ml per animal:

cattle, horses


5 days prior to the change of feed, 3-4 days before vaccination or regrouping

young cattle, foals


5 days prior to the change of feed, 3-4 days before vaccination

sows and boars


piglets rearing


3-4 days before vaccination or transfer to fattening

pigs for fattening


sheep, goats


lambs, goatlings


cats and dogs of small breeds


5 days before vaccination



With water, ml per 10 l water:

rabbits, fur-bearing animals


5 days before vaccination

laying hens, pullets


5 days before inoculation and 3 days after vaccination

turkeys, ducks, geese, chicken-broilers




Shake well before use.

Use non-chlorinated water, without any residues of chlorine or other disinfectant.

Unused solution should be disposed in accordance to current requirements.



Polymer vials of 10, 50 ml with dropper (1 pcs in a cardboard box), polymer vials of 1 l.



Store in a dark place at the temperature from +5 °C to +25 °C.

Shelf life after first opening (selection) is 30 days, water solution must be used within 48 hours.


Shelf life

2 years.