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Solution of novocaine 0.5%

Suitable for:

horse cow goat sheep pig dog

Solution of novocaine 0.5%

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Solution of novocaine 0.5%

solution for injection



1 ml contains:

novocaine (procaine hydrochloride) — 5 mg



Clear, sterile, colorless solution for injection.


Pharmacological properties

Agent for local anesthesia, blocks sodium channels, inhibits penetration of potassium, reduces tension of phospholipid layer of cell membranes, inhibits oxidation-reduction processes and generation of nerve impulses. When entering the blood reduces formation of acetylcholine, excitability of peripheral cholinergic systems, spasms of smooth muscles, excitability of the heart muscle and motor cortex, blocks vegetative ganglia.

When administrated parenterally the product is well absorbed, the degree of absorption depends on the site, route of administration and a dose. Quickly hydrolyzed by esterases and cholinesterases of blood plasma and tissues with formation of two basic pharmacologically active metabolites: diethylaminoethanol, which provides an anesthetic and moderate vasodilator effect, and paraaminobenzoic acid, which is a constituent of folic acid, exhibits antihistamine action, participates in detoxification processes and is an antagonist of sulfonamide preparations.



It is indicated as a local anesthetic for infiltration anesthesia in surgery; for relief of seizures in the intestine; as a chemotherapeutic agent for various ways of novocaine blockades. In combination with specific and symptomatic means it is used for ulcers of the stomach, atony of proventriculus and intestine, dyspepsia, spasmodic colic, obstruction of the intestine, peritonitis, pneumonia, catarrhal pneumonia, pulmonary edema, prolapse of the uterus, vagina or rectum, metritis, sero-catarrhal mastitis, rheumatic inflammation of the hoof, inflammation of the joints, for wounds that slowly granulate, ulcers, fistulas, myositis, papillomatosis.

Use for dissolving antibiotics with the purpose of anesthesia of injection site and the prolonged action.



Hypersensitivity to novocaine.

Do not inject to animals with hypotony and at the sites affected by purulent diseases.


Administration and dosage

Before administration the drug solution is heated to body temperature of the animal and administered subcutaneously, intramuscularly, intravenously, or intra-aortically.

Maximum single dose per animal:

• horse — 400-500 ml;

• cattle — 300-400 ml;

• goats, sheep, pigs — 100-150 ml;

• dogs — 60-100 ml.

Intravenous injection should be conducted slowly.



Intravenous administration of the drug in the maximum doses causes the excitement.

The drug is incompatible with tannins, alkalis, oxidants, heavy metal salts, hexamethylenetetramine (urotropine), sulfonamides (reduce the anesthetic effect of novocaine).



Polymer ampoules of 10 ml (10 pcs in a cardboard box); glass vials of 100, 200 ml.



Store in a dark, dry place at the temperature from +3 °C to +25 °C.

After the first opening an ampoule should be used immediately, a vial — within 7 days provided the storage conditions in a refrigerator.


Shelf life

3 years.