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suspension for oral administration, drops



1 ml contains:

megestrol acetate — 40 mg



Homogeneous suspension of yellowish color.


Pharmacological properties

Megestrol acetate — a synthetic progestagen, blocks secretion of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing gonadotropic hormones that produce the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. The lack of these hormones inhibits the maturation of follicles in the ovaries of females and ovulation, stops heat, reduces sexual desire. Affects endometrium of the uterus and causes its secretory phase, which inhibits implantation of the embryo and provides a contraceptive effect. In males, it blocks synthesis of testosterone, thus reduces sexual activity and associated anxiety, agitation and aggressive behavior.

Quickly absorbed in the intestines and 3 hours after application reaches the maximum concentration in the blood. Metabolized in a liver and excreted from body for 1-2 days in the form of metabolites in the urine.



It is indicated for female cats and female dogs to prevent sexual heat and/or prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

It is indicated for male cats and male dogs to suppress sexual desire, as well as adjustment of undesirable behavior (hyper excitability, aggressiveness, propensity for wandering, etc.). It is indicated for female pigs in order to prevent sexual heat and/or synchronization of estrus.



Do not administer to animals with diseases of the reproductive system (pyometra, metritis, endometritis, etc.), tumors, breast cancer, diabetes as well as to immature, pregnant or lactating animals. Do not administer the drug if after the sexual heat more than 3 days have been passed and to the young animals in the first sexual heat because of the complexity of determining the start of the cycle.


Administration and dosage

It is administered orally with food or forcibly directly into the mouth to the root of the tongue.

The doses are indicated in the table.


Animal species, the purpose of administration

Dose, drops/ml


Female pigs:

synchronization of sows

4 / 0.125 *

14 days

synchronization of replacement gilts

8 / 0.25 *

10-14 days, the phase of sexual arousal occurs usually in 42-43 days after discontinuation of therapy

prevention of sexual arousal in pigs for fattening

8 / 0.25 *

10-14 days, therapy should be started in 2 weeks after last sexual arousal

Female cats:

prevention of estrum

4 / 0.125

1 time every 2 weeks (no longer than 18 months)

2 / 0.0625

once a week (no longer than 18 months)

to stop estrum

4 / 0.125

daily, 3-5 days until estrum stopped, therapy should be started no later than 3-rd day after the beginning of estrum


4 / 0.125

In the first day after mating

Female dogs:



prevention of estrum

4 / 0.125 *

daily, therapy should be started 7-10 days before the beginning of estrum, no longer than 4 weeks

to stop estrum

8 / 0.25 *

first 3 days from the time of sexual arousal

4 / 0.125

next 7 days


8 / 0.25 *

first 2 days after mating

Male cats:

Sedation against sexual arousal

4 / 0.125

5-7 days, repeat once a week

Male dogs:

Sedation against sexual arousal

8 / 0.25 *

first 5 days from the time of sexual arousal

4 / 0.125 *

next 7 days until sedation

* per 10 kg of b.w.



Prolonged use of the drug can cause the change of character, breast enlargement, increased appetite and increased body weight of the animal.

Slaughter of animals for meat (pigs) is allowed in 14 days after the last treatment. The meat received before the deadline is disposed of fed to unproductive animals according to a conclusion of the doctor of veterinary medicine.



Polymer vials with dropper of 5, 10, 100 ml (1 pc in a cardboard box).



Store in a dark, dry place out of the reach of children at the temperature from +4 °C to +25 °C.

Opened vial should be used within 1 month provided storage at the temperature from +4 °C to +8 °C.


Shelf life

2 years.