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solution 0.5% for injections



1 ml contains:

dinoprost tromethamine — 5 mg



Clear, colorless, sterile liquid.


Pharmacological properties

Dinoprost tromethamine is a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin F2α in the form of salt with tromethamine, it causes morphological and functional regression of the yellow body, activates smooth muscles of the uterus, vessels, bronchi and gastrointestinal tract, causes relaxation and cervical dilatation. Parenteral administration of the drug causes estrus, as well as in animals with a normal estrous cycle, and also with a prolonged persistence of the yellow body. It causes contraction of the uterine muscles in pregnant females, thus leads to miscarriage.

Rapidly decomposes in the body with formation of dinoprost (prostaglandin F2α). The half-life of this compound and excretion from the blood is only a few minutes. After 1-2 passes through the lungs and the liver, the active ingredient of the drug completely decays. Its metabolites are rapidly eliminated from the body and do not accumulate in the tissues, but minor remnants of the drug are stored at the injection site for up to 24-48 hours.



It is indicated for treatment of animals:

• cows — functional corpus luteum in the absence of sexual inclination, pyometra, chronic metritis, synchronization of sexual cycle and the time of ovulation; calving stimulation and interruption of pregnancy;

• mares — treatment of endometritis (in the complex therapy), stimulation of sexual cycle and the time of ovulation, stimulation of parturation or abortion;

• sows — stimulation of farrowing or acceleration of abnormal abortion, reducing the time from weaning to estrus and the time from weaning to insemination of sows in case of sexual inclination delay.



Do not administer to animals that have increased sensitivity to the active ingredient, to pregnant animals (except abortion), to animals with diseases of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract or respiratory organs in the acute or subacute form.


Administration and dosage

The drug is administered intramuscularly. The doses are indicated in the table below.

Species, dose, purpose of administration


single dose — 5 ml of Dinotrom (25 mg of dinoprost tromethamine)

sub-estrus, persisting yellow body,

one time, insemination is carried out in 48-72 hours

synchronization of sexual cycle

twice 35 days after calving with an interval of 10-12 days, insemination is carried out in 78 hours after the second injection, or in two steps — in 72 hours and 90 hours after the second injection

interruption of pregnancy

one time up to 3 months pregnancy, abortion occurs within 4 days

stimulating of calving

one time, after 270-days period of pregnancy, calving occurs in 1-8 days (after an average of 3 days)

pyometra, metritis, endometritis

one time, in case of chronic form — repeat in 10-12 days

single dose — 1 ml of Dinotrom (5 mg of dinoprost tromethamine)

synchronization of estrus, treatment of sub-estrus and anestrus, caused by persisting yellow body

between 4 and 13 days of cycle, mating or insemination is carried out after the first symptoms of estrus

stimulating of abortion

before the 35 day of pregnancy, or between 90 and 120 days of pregnancy


one time

single dose — 2 ml of Dinotrom (10 mg of dinoprost tromethamine)

stimulating of farrowing

one time, before the morning feeding, 2-3 days prior the estimated farrowing day, farrowing occurs within 33 hours; to speed up the excretion of litter residues and stimulate estrus 2-3 days after farrowing, repeat the injection



Side effects are usually not observed in cows in therapeutic doses.

Horses sometimes have a decrease in rectal temperature and sweating. These phenomena are temporary and do not affect animals negatively. Sometimes increase of the frequency of heartbeats occurs, as well as rapid breathing, stomach disorders, minor violations of coordination of movements and the desire to lie down.

Some pregnant sows may have a short-term increase of body temperature, rapid breathing, loose defecation, hypersalivation and frequent urination, redness of skin and anxiety. Pigs arch their back, dig the ground, rub their sides and gnaw the сages. These manifestations, as a rule, disappear within an hour after the injection.

The drug is not effective within 5 days after ovulation.



Glass vials of 5 ml (10 pcs in a cardboard box).



Store in a dry, dark place, out of reach of children, at the temperature from +15 °С to +25 °С. Opened vial should be used within 1 month.


Shelf life

2 years.