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Brovamast С

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Brovamast С

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Brovamast C

suspension for intracisternal use



5 ml (one syringe) contain:

cloxacillin benzathine — 600 mg



Oily, light yellow suspension.


Pharmacological properties

Cloxacillin benzathine is a synthetic compound derived from the isoxazolyl penicillin group. Prevents synthesis of the outer shell of the cell membrane of microorganisms, has bactericidal properties. It acts against Gram-positive bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, Streptococcus agalactiae, Str. uberis, Str. dysgalactiae, Corinebacterium pyogenes, Clostridium perfringens and Gram-negative bacteria Neiserria spp.



It is indicated for non-milking cows affected by subclinical and clinical mastitis.



Do not administer to animals sensitive to cloxacillin benzathine. Do not administer to animals the calving of which will start less than 28 days.


Administration and dosage

The product is used on the first day after the cows starting. For the prevention of diseases into every part of the udder the drug is administered with 5 ml of the drug. The contents of the vial (tubes) is heated to the body temperature and is shaked to obtain a homogeneous mixture. The drug is slowly administered intracisternally. Immediately after this the udder is massaged from up to down, displacing the drug to the higher part of the udder. Preventive dose is 5 ml into each part of the udder.



Slaughter of animals for meat is allowed in 28 days after the last administration. Milk and meat obtained earlier than the specified term are fed to unproductive animals or utilized (depending on the conclusion of a veterinarian).



Syringe of 5 ml (12 pcs in a cardboard box); glass vials of 50, 100 ml.



Store in a dry, dark place out of children reach at the temperature from +4 °C to +20 °C.


Shelf life

1,5 years.