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solution for injection



1 g contains:

cloprostenol sodium salt — 0.25 mg



Clear colorless liquid.


Pharmacological properties

Cloprostenol is a synthetic analogue of prostaglandin F2-alpha, which during the luteal phase of the sexual cycle causes regression of the yellow body in females and promotes the growth and development of follicles.



It is indicated for:

• cows, heifers: strengthening of parturation; acceleration of uterus involution; for retention of afterbirth; therapy of endometritis in combination with antimicrobial agents; regression of persistent yellow body; stimulation and synchronization of estrus during the period of insemination;

• sowsfor augmentation of parturation and synchronization of farrows;

• maresfor stimulation of estrus and regression of persistent yellow body;

• female dogs and cats — for complex therapy of chronic endometritisand abortion.



When the administration for females in the first third of pregnancy there is a high probability of abortion.


Administration and dosage

Intramuscular and subcutaneous administration.

Cows, heifers:

in case of parturation complications — 2 ml / 400 kg of b.w. For each50 kg of b.w. the dosage is increased for 0.3 ml;

in case of functional disorder of ovaries — 2 ml / 3-3.5 days before wishful term of insemination. If there are no signs of sexual heat a repeated administration is applied on the 11th day after the first injection. In 3-3.5 days double insemination is applied.

Female sheep, sows — 0.5-0.7 ml

Mares1 ml, the term for coupling is on 4-6th day.

Female dogs0.2-0.3 ml.

Female cats — 0.1 ml, to cause an abortion 3-5 injections are administered with an interval of 12 hours.



Overdose can cause diarrhea, vomiting, anxiety, hypersalivation.



Ampoules of 2 ml (10 ampoules in a cardboard box).



Store in a dry, dark place at the temperature from +5 °C to +20 °C.


Shelf life

2 years.