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Sumerian silver

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Sumerian silver

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Sumerian silver

solution for disinfection



1 ml of solution contains:

silver citrate — 0.5 mg

copper citrate — 0.5 mg



Liquid of greenish blue color, homogenous, clear, with slight specific odor.


Pharmacological properties

The efficient disinfecting agent against most of pathogenic bacteria — Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Pseudomonas vulgaris, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus enterica, Salmonella thyphimurium etc., virus bacteriophage Т2, fungies C. Albicans, Aspergillus niger, Aspergillus flavus, sporules B. сereus, mycobacteria Mycobacterium B5. Disinvasive action against T. Suis, A. suum, O. dentatum, E. suis. Has a prolonged action (from 6 months and more), which depends on the concentration of the product in working solution and the method of application.

Resistant species are not developed after of the product application.



Disinfection and sanitation of objects, which are the subject to veterinary supervision:

• surfaces of farming premises (poultry houses, hatcheries etc.);

• eggshell;

• watering systems;

• poultry- and egg-processing area;

• slaughtering and meat-processing complexes;

• food markets;

• maintenance places of small animal and poultry (especially after their deworming);

• beehives, frames, apiary equipment;

• technological equipment, facilities, containers, surfaces of tools, workwear for agricultural complexes, veterinary centers, laboratories, dispensaries of veterinary products;

• veterinary plants, transport etc.

Used for preventive, current and final disinfection in presence or absence of animal and poultry.





Administration and dosage

The product is applied in a form of working solutions, which are prepared by mixing the concentrate with non-chlorinated drinking water in marked containers. Disinfection is conducted after thorough mechanical and sanitary cleaning of surfaces.

Working solutions are sprayed with finely dispersed sprayers, generators of different types, applied with sponges until the surfaces are completely moistened, and soak in them items to be disinfected.

The following concentrations are used for disinfections:

0.01% (1 ml per 10 l of water) — disinfection of water in watering systems for livestock and poultry;

0.5% (5 ml per 1 l of water) — sanitation of nipple and teat drinking systems, prevention of biofilm reproduction in water supply systems (the solution is introduced into the system for a minimum of 6 hours, after which it is washed with clean water);

1% (10 ml per 1 l of water) — preventive disinfection of premises, equipment, minimum time for exposition — 1 hour, disinfection of workwear (soak in the working solution for 1 hour and then dry);

2% (20 ml per 1 l of water) — scheduled disinfection in livestock premises, minimum exposition time — 1 hour;

3% (30 ml per 1 l of water) — treatment of hatching eggs and eggs for sale, aseptic cleaning of hatcheries, market and laboratory premises, transport, disinfection of beehives, frames, apiary equipment;

5% (50 ml per 1 l of water) — disinfection of slaughtering and meat-processing complexes, disinvasion during protozoal diseases in livestock and poultry, minimum exposition time — 1 hour, a dose for spray application is 4-10 ml per 1 m3 of premises;

7% (70 ml per 1 l of water) — disinfection of places of maintenance of sick animals and poultry, including places contaminated with mycobacteria, minimum exposition time — 1 hour, treatment of wheels, refill of disinfection mats;

10% (100 ml per 1 l of water) — anti-spore treatment, minimum exposition time — 1 hour.



If the native solution gets on the mucous membranes, immediately rinse them with plenty of water.



Polymer vials of 0.5 and 1 l, polymer canisters of 5, 10 l.



In the package, in a dark dry place, far from heating devices, at a temperature from +4 °С to +25 °С.


Shelf life

1 year.