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Disinfecting wipes

Suitable for:

dog cat

Disinfecting wipes

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Wet wipes of a single-layer nonwoven fabric, white colour, sizes: 120 * 180 mm; 120 * 190 mm; 120 * 200 mm; and 200 * 200 mm with slight pleasant smell.



Each wipe is uniformly penetrated with a lotion with a content of 0.25 + 2.5% solution of disinfectant "Brovadez -plus®", the contents of which should be less than 0.8 g.



Wipes are indicated for single use in the household to care for household and decorative animals, as well as for sanation of items for the animals care, beekeeping equipment, diagnostic equipment and tools, as well as for artificial insemination of animals, cleaning of cows teats before milking, eggs disinfection before laying under the clucking hen, cleaning of hunting and fishing knives, etc.


Administration and dosage:

Places that require treatment are wiped providing surface moisture by the lotion.






After each opening of package the existing hole should be closed by self-sealing flap.



Wipes are packed by 1, 10, 15, and 20 pieces in a package which are made of two or three-layer plastic film or other types of polymeric packaging materials.



Store in dry, dark place at the temperature from 0 °С to +30 °С.


Shelf life:

4 years.