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Choice of preparations by animal species

  1. horse
  2. cow
  3. goat
  4. sheep
  5. pig
  6. dog
  7. cat
  8. rabbit
  9. fur-bearing animals
  10. turkey
  11. chicken
  12. duck
  13. goose
  14. dove
  15. fish
  16. сamel
  17. bee


Suitable for:

cow goat sheep



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tablets for oral administration



3 g (1 tablet) contain:

triclabendazole — 165 mg

albendazole — 330 mg

praziquantel — 120 mg



Tablets of green color, oval shaped


Pharmacological properties

Anthelmintic of a broad spectrum of action against mature and larval forms of cestodes Moniezia, Avitellina, Thysaniezia, all stages of trematodes развития Fasсiola hepatica, F. gigantica, Dicrocoelium lanceatum, nematodes Dictyocaulus, Наеmonchus, Ostertagia, Marshallagia, Trichostrongylus, Nematodirus, Соореria, Oesophagostomum, Вunostomum, Chabertia, etc.



It is indicated for individual deworming of cattle, camels, buffaloes, yaks, sheep and goats affected by nematodes, cestodes and trematodes.



Do not administer to females in the first month after insemination or to weak and sick animals.


Administration and dosage

The product is put forcibly to the root of the tongue. In case of group deworming calculated number of tablets is powdered and mixed with a half of daily feed norm, then is fed during the morning feeding in the following doses:

• cattle, camels, buffaloes, yaks — 1 tablet per 40 kg of body weight;

• sheep and goats — 1/2 tablet per 23-25 kg, 1 tablet per 35-40 kg.

Preventive deworming of cattle is conducted twice a year (at the beginning of housing season and before grazing).



Personnel working with the drug must observe the rules of hygiene and safety.

Slaughter of animals for meat is allowed in 14 days after the last administration. Milk is allowed to use for human consumption in 2 days.



Polymer containers of 10, 100 tablets.



Store in a dry, dark place at the temperature up to +30 °C.


Shelf life

3 years.