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Choice of preparations by animal species

  1. Apramycine sulphate 50%

    Apramycine sulphate 50%

    Powder for oral administration. Strategic non-toxic and non-hazardous antibiotic («drug of choice») in the treatment of bacterial origin enteritis in young stock.

    It is accessible and easy to use with drinking water.

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  2. Bi-septim
  3. Brovacillin
  4. Brovafom
  5. Brovafom new
  6. Brovamulin plus
  7. Brovamulin-100
  8. Brovaseptol concentrate
  9. Brovaseptol for injection
  10. Brovaseptol powder
  11. Brovaseptol tablets
  12. Ceftioclin


    Suspension for injection contains ceftiofur hypochloride. The active substance is recommended as the most effective and safe for the treatment of cows with postpartum metritis and associated nekrobacteriosis as well as pigs with respiratory diseases.

    It is not withdrawed with milk.

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  13. Ceftiokur


    Powder for injections. Antibiotic of the third cephalosporin generation in a form of sterile lyophilized powder with the active substance of the sodium salt of ceftiofur.
    The drug has a wide range of reliable action spectrum regarding the gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and some anaerobes.

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  14. Ciflodex
  15. Ftorfenlic 10
  16. Ftorfenlic 30
  17. Ointment «Yam»
  18. Ophtalmo-gel
  19. Oxyprol
  20. Ranoiode
  21. Saroflox
  22. Streptocide ointment 10%
  23. TimTil
  24. TimTil-250
  25. Tricillin
  26. Tylosin 20 %
  27. Tylosin 5 %
  28. Аmoclanide