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Fitosept ointment for milking

Suitable for:

horse cow


Fitosept ointment for milking

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Fitosept ointment for milking

ointment for external use



1 ml contain:

calendula tincture — 0.2 ml

buckthorn oil — 0.05 ml



Ointment of yellow color, creamy with a characteristic smell.


Pharmacological properties

The combination of natural phytocomponents, does not contain antibiotics, hormones and other synthetic compounds. It has an aseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, strengthens local blood circulation, activates skin nutrition, which promotes healing of microtraumas, protects the skin from weathering, exposure of sun and frost, and removes irritation from insect bites.



It is indicated for treatment and prevention of cows and mares from microtrauma, cracks and nipple erosions.

Prevention of mastitis and hygienic care of the udder.

Treatment of hands (gloves) during labor induction and obstetric and gynecological procedures.





Administration and dosage

After milking and udder health treatment the drug is rubbed into the udder and teats in a small amount (up to 1 cm). the ointment is applied on the affected skin in small amount and is lightly rubbed 1-2 times a day until recovery. Into the wound the ointment is introduced with the help of drainages, tampons or gauze bandages that are changed after 1-2 days until complete recovery.



Personnel in contact with the preparations must keep to the requirements of safety and hygiene.



Polymer tubes of 100 g.



Store in a dark, protected from sunlight place at the temperature from +2 °C to +20 °C.


Shelf life

2 years.