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Choice of preparations by animal species


Suitable for:

cow goat sheep


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White, odorless and tasteless emulsion.



1 ml contains:

rafoxanide – 110 mg;

fendendazole – 75 mg.



It is indicated for deworming of cattle, sheep and goats affected by trematodes (paramphystomatidosis, dicroceliasis, fascioliasis) and nematodes of the intestinal tract and lungs.


Administration and dosage:

Deworming is held once prior to the morning feeding. The drug is injected with warm water (25-30 °C) with a help of bottle or in a mixture with 1.5-2 kg of damped feed in the following doses: Cattle:

dicroceliasis, fascioliasis - 0.75 ml / 10 kg of body weight,

paramphystomatidosis - 1 ml / 10 kg of body weight.

Sheep, goats:

associated helminthiasis and oestrosis - 0.75 ml / 10 kg of body weight.



Do not administer to down-calving cows and for cows which have recently calved.

Do not administer to animals with clinical signs of disorders of the digestive system (proventriculus atony, tympanitis).

Do not administer simultaneously with bromsalanflukicides.



Slaughter of animals for meat and milk consumption is allowed  in 28 and 7 days respectively. Before mass deworming each series of Rafenzol is pre-tested on several animals, which are being observed throughout the day.



Glass vials of 50, 100, 500 and 1000 ml.



Dry, dark place at the temperature from +5°С to +25 °С.


Shelf life:

3 years.