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Brovermectin 1%

Suitable for:

cow goat sheep pig dog



The drug (active ingredient ivermectin) with a strong anthelmintic effect against endo- and ectoparasites.

Brovermectin 1%

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Brovermectin 1%

solution for injection



1 ml contains:

ivermectin — 10 mg



Clear, colorless or light yellow liquid without particulate matter with slight characteristic odor


Pharmacological properties

Ivermectin is a mixture of two semisynthetic derivatives of avermectins that belong to macrocyclic lactones. Stimulates release of neurotransmitter inhibition of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), blocks transmission of nerve impulses through interneurons of the ventral nerve trunk of nematodes and neuromuscular junction of arthropods, causing paralysis and death of parasites.



It is indicated for treatment and prevention of animals suffering from invasive diseases caused by:

• cattle: diseases of gastrointestinal tract caused by nematodes and larvae of 4th stage — Nematodirus helvetianus., Ostertagia ostertagi, O. lyrata, Bunostomum trigonocephalum, B. phlebotomum, Haemonchus placei (including 3d srage), Trichostrongylus acei, T. Colubriformis, Cooperia pectinata; diseases of lungs caused by Dictyocaulus viviparous, cavitary helminthes — Setaria labiato-papillosa; skin helminthes — Paraphilaria bovicola; larvae of subcutaneous gadfly — Hypoderma bovis, H. lineatum; itch mites — Psoroptes bovis; Sarcoptes bovis, Chorioptes bovis; mites — Demodex bovis; louce — Bovicola bovis; lice — Haematopinus eurysternus, Linognathus vituli;

• sheep and goats: nematodes of gastrointestinal tract — Burtostomum trigonocephalum, Haemonchus confortus; Ostertagia circumcinta, Oesophagostomum venulosum, O. Columbianum; Chabertia ovina, Trichostrongylus axei; Trichostrongylus colubriformis, Trichuris ovis; air-breathing helminthes — Dictyocaulus filaria, Prolostrongylus rufescens; nasopharyngeal gadfly — Oestrus ovis; itch mites — Psoroptes ovis, Sarcoptes ovis, S. caprae, Chorioptes ovis, Ch. Caprae; louce — Bovicola ovis, B. caprae; lice — Linognathus ovillus, L. pedalis, L. caprae;

• pigs: nematodes of gastrointestinal tract — Ascaris suum, Oesophagostomum dentatum; Strongyloides ransomi; Trichuris suis; air-breathing helminthes — Metastrongylus spp.; kidney helminthes — Stefanurus dentatus, lice — Haemalopinus suis; mite — Sarcoptes suis, S. Parvula, Demodex phylloides;

• horses: nematodes of gastrointestinal tract — Ascaridae, Strongylidae, Strongyioidiae, Oxyurata, Trichonematidae, Spiruridae; air-breathing helminths — Dictyocaulus spp.; skin helminths — Parafilaria multipapillosa, Onchcerca cervicalis; gadfly larvae — Gasterophilus spp.; Rhinoestrus purpureus;

• dogs: nematodes of gastrointestinal tract — Toxocara canis, Toxascaris leonine, Ancylostoma caninum, Uncinaria stenocephala; mites — Sarcoptes canis, Notoedres cati, Otodectes sunotis, Cheyletiella jascuri, Demodex canis; lice — Linognathus setotus;

• rabbits: nematodes Passalurus ambiguus; mites — Psoroptes cuniculi;

• poultry (chickens, turkeys): mites — Knemidocoptes mutans, K. pilae, K. gallinae.



Do not administer to cows during lactation and at least 28 days prior to calving; dogs of small breeds; laying hens, as well as hidebound animals of all kinds. Brovermectin is not recommended for puppies up to the age of six months, dogs of such breeds as collie, bobtail or their hybrids.


Administration and dosage

The drug is administered subcutaneously in the shoulder blade, for pigs — in the middle of the neck, in the indicated doses:



Dose, ml/10 kg of b.w.

Cattle, sheep, goats, horses, rabbits






Poultry (chickens, turkeys)

0.1 (per 1 bird), 0.2 (if b.w. exceeds 5 kg)


When treating mange, demodicosis, chorioptosis the drug is administered repeatedly in 8-10 days. Injection over 5 ml is divided into 2 parts and injected into different areas of the body.



After administration, the slaughter of animals for meat is allowed in 28 days. In case of slaughter before specified period, the meat is used to feed unproductive animals or for the production of meat-and-bone tankage and the eggs are used for unproductive animals.



Glass ampules of 1 ml, glass vials of 10 ml (10 pcs in a cardboard box), class vials of 20, 50, 100 ml (1 pc in a cardboard box), polymer ampules of 100 ml (1 pc in a cardboard box).



Store in a dry dark, unreachable for children place, at the temperature from +8 °C to +25 °C.


Shelf life

3 years.