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Choice of preparations by animal species


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Gel from white to yellowish color.



1 g contains:

thymol - 250 mg;

eucalyptus oil – 50 mg;

menthol - 12 mg.

Excipients: carbopol, trolamine, glycerin, methylparaben, demineralized water.



It is indicated for the treatment of bees affected by varroa; the prevention of acarapidosis, ascospherosis, aspergillosis, American and European foulbrood and larvae of wax moth.


Administration and dosage:

The preparation in an amount of 50 g for strong honey-bee colony and 25 g for nucleus box or for weak honey-bee colony is placed in the container in the centre of a beehive on top of the framework. Between the surface of the container with drug and the lid of the hive 0.5-1 cm of free space is left.

After two weeks, the drug is removed and a new dose of the drug in the same amount is applied, leaving it in the hive to the complete emptying of the container.

In spring and summer, the treatment is ended seven days before the start of the main honey crop.

The summer-autumn treatment is carried out after the evacuation of marketable honey at the temperatures from +15 to +27 ° C.



The drug has no contraindications for use in hives with worker bees, queens and brood.



Honey is used without restrictions.

All work with the preparation is carried out with the use of uniforms. Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. After work, wash hands with soap and water. Do not inhale.



Tubes of 25, 50,100, 150 or 200 g.

Plastic containers of 500 or 1000 g.



Store in dry, dark, place inaccessible to children at a distance from the heating elements, apart from the food and feed at a temperature from 5° to 25 °C.


Shelf life - 2 years.

Shelf life after first opening - 20 days.